MK Biergarten is on the road

June 22, 2018


When MK Biergarten opened its doors in Wolverton two years ago, it filled a hole in Milton Keynes - somewhere quiet and relaxed where you could have a few beers and take some home with you if you fancied.

Since then the Biergarten has gone from strength to strength, with the proprietor, ...

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A mammoth Feast at Waddesdon Manor

June 18, 2018


Inspired by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild's garden parties, the Waddesdon Manor Feast is a two-day celebration of food, drink and entertainment and featured more types of food than you could shake a stick at as well as a copious number of vans selling alcohol of different kinds and tea and coffe ...

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Spoilt for choice at MK Food Fest

September 19, 2016


Foodies in Milton Keynes are spoilt for choice these days when it comes to food events in and around the city. And the latest on the calendar has beautiful surroundings going for it as well as a fine range of vendors.

The first MK Food Fest was held at Linford Manor Park on Saturday and ...

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Riding a cock horse to Banbury Cross - for a food fair

August 22, 2016


Well, not quite a horse, but TG's car is a magnificent steed (see what I did there!)

Ahem, well, Banbury Food Fair has been going for several years and is getting bigger with more choice than ever before. You name it, it had it, from jams and preserves to charcuterie and wine, more meat ...

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