Kopi & Krem: where east meets west in Milton Keynes

December 23, 2018


Fancy some lovely south-east Asian cuisine and then heading off to Europe for some French patisserie? Don't think you can do that in Milton Keynes? Well, you can.

Kopi & Krem has been running opposite Pandora in Centre:MK for the past four months, serving everything from breakfast to afternoon tea.

The cafe bar was set up by three friends - Nadesh Sithambaram, Prassana Krishnamoorthy and Pradeep Sockalingam - who met at school 31 years ago.

Kopi means 'coffee' in Indonesian while Krem is a reference to 'cream' signifying the French patisserie side of things, making the cafe somewhere where 'east meets west'.

The trio started off by experimenting with cooking at home, trying out recipes given to them by family members on the weekends and then decided to set up Kopi & Krem.

The food is made in a kitchen nearby and is then brought on site. The menu includes mutton roll, vegetable roti and rice dishes. There is also a fine selection of cakes, enough to make your mouth water.

I was invited to the venue's launch event earlier this month, where we got to sample some of the food. We were greeted with a drink with a difference, a king coconut with a straw. The king coconut is native to Sri Lanka and its water was an unusual but not strong taste of coconut, water and fruit. You could tell that on a hot day, it would make a refreshing change, although not so much on a cold winter's night in Milton Keynes. Some struggled to make sense of it. I quite liked it.

After some dance entertainment and drumming, which drew a rather large crowd, out came the food.

Traditional dancing at the Kopi and Krem launch

The mutton roll, potato and curried mutton contained in deep fried pastry, came out first and it was lovely. It's not often you see mutton served up, as it can often be tough, but this was packed with flavour with a soft texture. If you want something more flavourful than lamb, then this is it.

We were also served vegetable roti with potato (also tasty), and vegetable fried rice. The food kept coming and I certainly wasn't disappointed with anything that was on offer. It was great to see such a variety of foods come out.

Vegetable and potato roti Vegetable fried rice

Dessert wise, we got to sample their rosewater and pistachio cake, which provided a welcome creamy texture although Kopi & Krem's menu also includes white chocolate and lime cheesecake, and mango and passion jeweled mousse among other lovely sounding sweet treats.

A quick look on Trip Advisor reveals Kopi & Krem are already making waves and getting positive reviews, which is great to see in a part of Milton Keynes where the large chains dominate. Here's hoping their early success continues.

You can find out more about them at kopiandkrem.com/.

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