A mammoth Feast at Waddesdon Manor

June 18, 2018


Inspired by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild's garden parties, the Waddesdon Manor Feast is a two-day celebration of food, drink and entertainment and featured more types of food than you could shake a stick at as well as a copious number of vans selling alcohol of different kinds and tea and coffee.

Entrance to Waddesdon Feast

There were lots of things to attract your average foodie or anyone wanting a day out, but I have to say, at more than £30 for two adults, the entry price was a bit steep. I know it's a National Trust property and there is upkeep etc to pay for, but it is an expensive day out for a family. Grumble over.

There were elaborately decorated tables on the lawn for those who wanted to sit, while for those who wanted to enjoy the entertainment laid on there was plenty to see.

A demonstration of dancing through the ages, from Charleston through to rock and roll could be seen and, for those who wanted to tap their toes, Mr Wilson's Second Liners, with their brass band renditions of modern dance favourites, were worth a listen.

Band member from Mr Wilson's Second Liners dressed in marching band uniform playing bass saxophone

With so many street food stalls, it was hard to pick what to have for lunch. There was Mexican food, pies served from a steampunk-themed imaginary pie machine, burgers, South African food and chicken among others. In the end, I went for a crispy duck wrap from The Duck Truck (great name), later followed by rosemary chips.

Mr Ds Pie Machine - steampunk-style stall selling pies People queuing up at The Duck Truck to purchase food

I also had an ice cream sundae from Oliphant and Pomeroy, which I nearly regretted after the sky suddenly darkened, the rain started to fall and the wind started to blow. I ended up huddling with TG under a tent, but was filled with the typical British determination that I was going to have an ice cream, because it was summer, damn it and that's what you do in the summer (that and barbecuing), regardless of what the weather is actually doing.

From the stalls selling food to take home there was cheese, oils, vinegars, chutneys, brownies, chocolate and fudge as well as coffee, teas, gin (lots of gin), liqueurs, wine and beer. There wasn't just food either. Crockery, pottery and wooden items were also on sale.

I came away with a wooden board from Burrwood Boards that I intend to use for kneading bread on and beeswax wraps from Good to Bee from Northampton, as I want to reduce my plastic usage.

I also purchased some chocolate mint, and Ferrero Rocher, fudge from iCandy Fudge, both of which tasted rich, but divine. The stall owner's steampunk-inspired top hat was excellent too.

As designated driver, I had to stay off the alcohol, but TG took advantage of MK Biergarten's first outing with their beer van, a feature on which is pending.

A truly excellent event, but make sure you bring plenty of cash.

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